Sensor Technologies Incorporated is located in the Shrewsbury / Fort Monmouth area of central New Jersey, with some additional locations in Maryland, Georgia, and North Carolina. Incorporated in 1991, the company’s professional team of more than thirty-five engineers provide comprehensive Information Technology (IT) services and Engineering Services. They cater to the United States government and various commercial sectors in the country.

The company is organized into three operation divisions: Sensor Division, Commercial Software Division, and Information Services Division. Each division is headed by a Subject Matter Expert and demonstrated leader in their field. The head is responsible to the President for the successful operation of the division and the complete satisfaction of the clients.

Corporate Goals

A core corporate goal for Sensor is to continuously improve their software development process so that it reliably yields quality products within the expected cost and schedule constraints. The company has dedicated resources to their newly formed Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG). The SEPG continually refines their Software Engineering Procedures Manual, which is being used during performance of Software Quality Assurance and Configuration Management of all software development projects. This document and the SEPG, in association with the rigorous project management of their software development projects, have already brought the company to a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3 during 2001.

Specializing in Custom Designed Information Technology (IT) Solutions

Changing technology is the primary challenge in today’s business environment. Understanding which direction new technology is heading, selecting and implementing the right technology to fit current and future business requirements, and educating staff to effectively use the new technology with minimum affects on existing business processes, can all appear to be unachievable. How can one gain experience with new technology before it becomes old when the primary objective is to conduct business and not evaluate technology?

For this, Sensor Technologies aims to conduct technology business. Their engineers solve technology dilemmas daily. The company’s professional staff is trained and experienced at supporting both cutting edge technology and the transition of legacy systems to state-of-the-art architectures.