Procurement analytics solutions to drive sustainable EBITDA generation

SensoR Technologies

Leveraging technology and experts to drive automated business solutions


SensoR Technologies, provides Private Equity firms and portfolio companies an AI-enabled technology solution that replaces the manual processes of collecting, cleansing, and organizing mission-critical data with a real-time platform tool that is centralized, fast, repeatable, and layered with procurement business intelligence.

What is important?

  • Lowers costs and avoids the continual need to hire consultancies
  • Optimizes identification and execution of leveraged savings opportunities
  • Monitors and reduces supplier risk
  • Accelerates value capture
  • Enables ongoing EBITDA tracking and compliance


SensoR Technologies provides AI-enabled, cloud-based, SaaS solutions that accelerate and sustain the capture of operational benefits as well as mitigate risks associated with ever-changing and increasingly complicated global supply chains:

  1. Rapidly collect, cleanse, and organize complex data originating from disparate ERP systems and applications.
  2. Apply propriety algorithms developed in-house by our design teams.
  3. Present user-friendly, configurable results using PowerBI and other reporting solutions.


SensoR Technologies has several solutions that place the right information at the right time in the hands of the right decision-makers:

If you want to replace your manual, ad hoc and resource-constrained data analytics and reporting that’s most likely slowing down your most important EBITDA-generating and risk mitigation efforts with state-of-the art technologies, then SensoR Technologies’ core products and/or customer-configured solutions could be your answer.

Supplier Discovery

The first step in the end-to-end, supplier risk mitigation process includes SensoR Technologies helping you to:

  • Pull current list of suppliers from the last 12 to 24 months with associated spend and attributes; then
  • Segment and identify critical suppliers – ones that have direct revenue and operational impact, have access to your internal systems, or access to sensitive data (e.g., personal identifying information, customer data, employee profiles) and indicate which ones are sole-sourced.
  • Followed by identifying subcontractors and lower-tier key suppliers.

Risk Identification

After the Supplier Discovery step, SensoR Technologies will help your company:

  • Organize a cross-functional team to align on risk model and questions.*
  • Survey your critical suppliers for risk information and compliance according to the company’s requirements.
  • Receive and process responses from suppliers to identify risk areas across your supply chain.


* NOTE: core team is identified as a set of constant members from functions such as Procurement, IT, and Finance; subject matter experts such as HR, Marketing, and Sales are brought in as needed based on the function of the supplier.

Risk Prioritization

Prioritizing supplier risk is essential in the risk mitigation process and SensoR Technologies is here to help you:

  • Conduct more in-depth reviews of responses, including supporting documentation.
  • Score each supplier response based on the risk model and place them on appropriate risk tiers.
  • Apply appropriate management and monitoring activities based on the various risk tiers (low, medium, high, very high).

Risk Mitigation

It’s during the risk mitigation step that SensoR Technologies brings true value to your company by:

  • Working with the cross-functional team and appropriate company stakeholders to address priority high and very high risks suppliers.
  • Identifying specific gaps with targeted suppliers and actions required to address those gaps.
  • Helping assign company leads to work with targeted suppliers to remove and mitigate their risk areas.

Risk Monitoring and Tracking

SensoR Technologies provides a full end-to-end service concluding with risk monitoring and tracking by:

  • Presenting supplier risk profiles and remediation progress via web/mobile dashboard.
  • Conducting ongoing risk monitoring and tracking across your critical suppliers by:
    • Continuously monitoring appropriate social media feeds, news feeds, company sites, and other relevant 3rd party sources.
    • Applying machine learning and data analytics to surface new/pending risks.
    • Helping your company proactively manage risks through actionable insights.


Provides visibility and ongoing risk monitoring across critical suppliers to help minimize operational disruptions and reputational impact.


Provides PE firms and portfolio companies with dynamic, cloud-based spend analytics to allow continuous and accurate opportunity identification, supplier segmentation, spend management, and compliance tracking.


Provides PE firms and portfolio companies with dynamic, cloud-based savings tracking to manage initiatives along a full strategic sourcing lifecycle centrally – new, in-progress, and completed/captured savings.